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Shanghai Shipwreck is one of two secret levels featured in Shadow Warrior Classic. It can be accessed through Level 10.


Lo Wang explores a shipwreck on the shores of Shanghai.




  1. Just as you go into the red key door, you'll see a fire on your left and a switch up above it. Jump up and hit the switch and the wall across from the switch will raise up. Leap onto the stone that is midway and then into the end and grab the armor. There is a switch near the armor to raise the wall up again to return from this secret area.

    Map of the level

  2. From the tree where the silver key is located, you can see a cave as you look back to the large tree you just leaped from. Jump onto the ledge and into the cave and grab a Ripper heart.
  3. When you go from the area where the trees are, there is a ladder around the corner that leads to a fortune cookie. If you look at the wall here, you'll notice an area that is darker than the other walls. Push on the darkened area and crouch in and grab the Rail Gun and the gas bomb.
  4. As you continue around where the lava area is, you'll see a fairly high waterfall that runs into the lava. There are ledges on the side of the waterfall you can jump to that lead to the top of the waterfall. Continue up the waterfall and grab the Rocket Launcher.
  5. After you cross the lava area and walk up the stairs, you'll notice a gong on the wall to your right. Shoot the gong to make it sound and turn around to your left side now. A secret area is exposed behind the wall where Kevlar Armor Vest, missiles and a Grenade Launcher are kept. Shoot the gong inside this area to open the wall back up again.


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