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Accursed Head is an enemy appearing in Shadow Warrior Classic and its expansions Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon.


These reddish demonic heads will be either buried in the ground up to the top of their skulls, of just floating in mid air awaiting your arrival. Once you get close, they will attack in several ways via explosion, flash bomb, spewing out caltrops or other nastiness. They prey on the careless adventurer who does not look where they are going.


Accursed Head looks like floating red head which is missing skin. Their eyes glow bright red and they have a part of their former spine still attached.


Accursed Head always appear in packs, usually around Serpent God. Sometimes they will float around in open areas waiting for Lo Wang. They're best to deal with from afar with the shurikens.


  • Accursed Head bears some similarities to Lost Soul from Doom series.