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All in a Day's Work is the first story mission in Shadow Warrior 2.


Lo Wang is tasked by Mamushi Heika to retrieve an ancient trinket.


Lo Wang gets a task from the Yakuza to retrieve an ancient trinket from the Temple of Longing. Wang accepts the task and travels to the temple, but is ambushed by a group of demons. After his car is trashed, he goes on foot. He finds the mysterious artifact, but must fight the temples guardian in order to retrieve it. Wang defeats the guardian only for more demons to show up. Eventually, he reaches Yakuza headquarters and brings the artifact to Mamushi Helka. After speaking to Mamushi, he gets a new task to rescue Kamiko from Zilla's labs.


  • 10000 Z
  • 1x Skill Point
  • Shotgun - Hauer


  • Sanctuary Guardian - A powerful Toro warrior, which guards an artifact.




There are 3 Statues of Fortune in this mission:

  • 1st is near the car, in a cave hidden by waterfall
  • 2nd is in a small cave to the left shortly after 1st long jump
  • 3rd is in a small cave behind and altair with an artifact

There are no Easter Eggs in this mission.


  • This is the only mission in Shadow Warrior 2 that player must complete alone.
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