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The Basilisk is a rail gun appearing in Shadow Warrior 3.


The Basilisk is a long-range rail gun, that shoots a single charged shot. Fully upgraded the Basilisk becomes one of the primary weapons to use in combat. The weapon is received during the mission The Damn Dam.


The Basilisk is perfect for taking out ranged enemies like Seeking Shōkera or floating Kugutsu. With Piercing Gaze and Immobilizer upgrades, the Basilisk can also be used for crowd control.


Hawkeye: Charging a shot slows down time. Cost 1 orb.

Piercing Gaze: Shot pierce through multiple lined-up enemies. Cost 2 orbs.

Immobilizer: Shooting one enemy generates a freezing blast, immobilizing others around. Cost 4 orbs.


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