"Belly summons other creatures with the power of MOAR COWBELL."
—In-game description.

Belly is an enemy appearing in Shadow Warrior 2.

Overview Edit

Belly are high-ranking demons met later in the game. They are probably some kind of human mutated by Black Rain. Introduction to this enemy is during reaching Outer Gates for the first time. He may appear in two version: Regular or Elite.

There are 2 champion variants of this boss:

Design Edit

Belly are large demonic enemies, which uses a giant metal bell that can deal serious damage. Also he can use it to summon lesser demons to aid him in battle.

Strategy Edit

Belly is a large and slugish enemy, therefore rocket launchers and rifles/bows combined with safe distance are recommended. However, players should avoid using weapons dealing electric damage, as they are often resistant/immune to this element. They can attack by swinging their bell or hurling it, but prefer to summon demons using it. A hurled bell can deal serious damage, so prepare to dodge when you see the Belly ready his bell.

Summoned demons can be anything from a Crawler to a Claw; regardless, the Belly places the bell on the ground and slams his fists into it four times, and since they can't attack during this, this is your time to strike. Getting close to the Belly is generally a bad idea, as not only can they swipe with the bell, but they can kick the player, sending them flying back.

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