"The Berserker looks scary, but if you stay out of melee range, he's quite a conversationalist."
—In-game description in Shadow Warrior 2.

Berserker is an enemy type encountered in Shadow Warrior (2013) and Shadow Warrior 2.

Overview Edit

Shadow Warrior 2013 Edit

"Well, you're an awfully big fellow aren't you?"
—Lo Wang, after seeing Berserker for the first time in Shadow Warrior.

Berserkers are one of the strongest enemies encountered in the game. They have huge health pool and can withstand great amounts of damage. The only place that can be damaged on Berserker body are red pustules on his back. His main attack is to charge Lo Wang and if Berserker does not hit a wall he can keep charging. He uses AOE attack if Lo Wang gets close to him. Berserker usually appears in pairs of two, making encounters with them really challenging.

Shadow Warrior 2 Edit

Berserkers appear later in the game as one of the demonic enemies in two "version" - regular and tough. They don't have impenetrable skin, so player is not forced to attack them from the back. However, they are still a tough enemy and is not advised to fight them up close with melee weapon.

There is a Champion variant of this boss - Lord Destroyer, which player may meet during story quest "All in the Family".

Design Edit

Shadow Warrior 2013 Edit

Berserker posses rock-like skin, two long horns with white stripes on them and red glowing eyes. Their upper portion of the back is dotted with red crystal-like looking stones. Berserker hands have five digit fingers, while feet, two toes. He wears a makeshift belt, made of ropes and steel plate, around the waist.

Shadow Warrior 2 Edit

Excluding blue skin color and lost rock-like appearance, they look same as in previous installment.

Strategy Edit

Shadow Warrior 2013 Edit

The berserker's only weak spot is their red glowing backs. Let them charge into wall and then unleash a high damage weapon on their backs, while they're stunned. Divider of Heavens is an efficient attack against Berserkers. Also, they are ridiculously hard to beat. "Challenging" is an understatement. The bosses in the game are easier. So annoying you will always be reduced to 1hp then death within 3 mins. That's on normal difficulty too.

Shadow Warrior 2 Edit

Berserker still remains a powerful enemy that can deal serious damage with single hit, but he lacks an impregnable skin, so any hit can deal damage. Therefore player should keep distance to avoid his melee attacks and jump, if Berserker casts a Ki wave.

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