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"What now? Demon vultures?"
—Lo Wang, after seeing Birdman for the first time.

Birdman is an enemy type encountered in Shadow Warrior (2013).


Birdman are projectile focused enemies. They come in two types - Ground type and Flying type.

The Ground type as the name suggest is ground based unit. They attack by shooting 3 projectiles in a row, while second attack makes them hover for a few seconds before launching a blast of energy at Lo Wang. In Rage they start to shoot two projectiles at once instead of one.

The Flying type, usually stays in the air, keeping save distance from Lo Wang attacks and shoot fireballs at him. When in Rage, they spin into a ball and fly down towards Lo Wang, exploding afterwards. Like Crawlers, Birdman appear in large packs and accompany greater demons.


Ground type Birdman have humanoid body with vulture head. The beck is full of sharp teeth. Two flag-like parts are tied to their backs. Multiple rags are tied to his body with ropes. The Flying type has same design, except instead of flags, he now possess bird-like wings.


Any kind of weapon works when fighting Birdman. The flying type is best to take with the Tosainu's fanning fire or dual-wielding ZP-1 PDW.