"Die squirrel boy!"
—Bodyguards, when engaging Lo Wang.

Bodyguards are enemy type appearing in Shadow Warrior (2013).

Overview Edit

Bodyguards are highly skilled warriors that protect both Mizayaki and Zilla. They come in three different types:

Normal - they usually wield katana but also can also wield uzi. Together with Crawlers they are easiest enemy to dealt with in the game.

Police Force - they appear midway in the game and primary use assault rifles.

Demon Bodyguards - they appear near the end of the game, in Zilla's mountain villa. They are much tougher than ordinary bodyguards and some even use rocket launchers.

Design Edit

Bodyguards all look like ordinary men. They wear tuxedos and some have sunglasses. Police Force appear wearing full body tactical gear, combine with masks and tactical flashlights. Demon Bodyguards looks exactly the same albeit they faces now have demonic features like horns, glowing eyes and distorted voice. They can sometimes bleed yellow blood after hit.

Strategy Edit

Bodyguards pose little threat to Lo Wang and simple katana, combine with Ki attacks can easily take care of them.

Trivia Edit

  • Upon losing an arm, bodyguards will start an animation which highly reminiscent of elite yakuza warriors, called Crazy 88 losing an arm in movie Kill Bill.

Gallery Edit