Chapter 14: I'm Content To Kill Right Here is the fourteenth chapter of Shadow Warrior (2013).

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Lo Wang reaches the top of the mountain and faces of with Zilla once again.

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Lo Wang gets up to the top of the mountain and must fight waves of Zilla's demonic bodyguards. He reaches Zilla and must fight demons aiding him. Suddenly the floor breaks and Wang falls into an underground prison below. Wang navigates the prison until he finds the Whisperer. He stabs the Whisperer and sees memories of an Ancient called Xing.

Xing wanted to overthrow Enra and rule the Shadow Realm himself. He reveals that Hoji's tricked him in poisoning the sleeping poison meant for his sister, Ameonna. This lured Enra to the temple and Xing used this chance to attack him. But before he could finish Enra, Mezu intervened and stopped him. For this Xing was decapitated. Enra then came to Xing and offered to get rid of his memories, animating a Whisperer in the process. The memory ends with Xing accepting the offer and giving away his memories to the Whisperer.

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  1. After exiting tram, you will see a giant genitalia statue. Go behind it to find the secret.
  2. After getting into the area full with cages, turn left and go through another set of doors. At the end of the room there is explosive barrel. Detonate it to blow out second cell doors on the left to reveal the secret.
  3. After finding the secret mentioned above, go to the red Tentoki Statue. You will see open doors. Go through them and the secret will be in the right corner of the room.
  4. After finding the secret mentioned above, head to the green Tentoki Statue. When you see a chained door, break the chain and go through the door. Follow the path to a retro room and a secret. A demon rabbit will be guarding the secret, so be careful.
  5. After finding the secret mentioned above, get to the second floor of the area and pass the turret. Follow the path to the end to find the secret.

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