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Chapter 16: Make It Right is the sixteenth chapter of Shadow Warrior (2013).


Back in Zilla's castle, Lo Wang faces off with Zilla for the last part of Nobitsura Kage.


The portal transports back to Zilla's mountain castle and Wang goes after him to get the last piece of Nobitsura Kage. He crosses a bridge to reach the location of Zilla. Lo Wang confronts Zilla, and cuts off his sword arm. As Lo Wang reassembles the Nobitsura Kage to its full Ancient-killing power, Zilla escapes with the help of the Kyokagami twins. Wang opens a portal to the Shadow Realm with the sword and goes through it.




  1. After fighting two Warlords and a Shaman and head left through the gates. Go to right to find the secret near stairs.
  2. After crossing the bridge, head left from the stairs. You will see three cages. Destroy the cages to reach the secret.
  3. After finding the secret mentioned above, turn around and head under the stairs. You will see a stone doorway. Break it open to find a retro room and a secret.
  4. After finding the secret mentioned above, leave the room and go left. On your right you will see a small ledge. Follow the ledge to the secret.


  • Lo Wang can't stop Zilla from escaping after their fight as the downwind from the helicopter will push him back every time he tries to come close to him.


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