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Chapter 2: The Party Bus is the second chapter of Shadow Warrior (2013).


Lo Wang reaches a city and must continue his journey to the Whisperer on foot.


Lo Wang reaches a town ravaged by demons. He must continue his journey on foot because the road is blocked. On his way he finds a machine gun in a police car and takes it with him. Wang then uses the police car to kill a group of demons. Hoji reveals that Whisperer was sent by the Ancients, the rulers of the Shadow Realm and they need to stop it before it returns back to the Shadow Realm. Hoji later reveals that Ancients are immortal beings and only the Nobitsura Kage can challenge them; that's why they want to get the sword. They manage to get to a temple, where Lo Wang fights a Warlord. After defeating the Warlord and another wave of demons, they continue their journey.




  1. Once on the rooftops, go through the door with three generators above it. Go downstairs and opposite of your objective is the secret.
  2. After opening the door with the blue lock, go across the bridge and then shoot the barrel to your right side. This will open a door to a retro room and a secret.
  3. After getting back onto the streets, jump on a cage with green moss on it. Than jump across to an opening to find the secret.
  4. When near the train that blocks the path, kill the Crawler that pops out the crates. Go into the cart and destroy the boxes to your left. The secret will be behind the boxes.
  5. When you reach the bamboo forest again follow the path until you find a crate. Moving to your right will reveal an opening. Go through the opening to find the secret.


  • First appearance of Birdman in Shadow Warrior (2013).
  • First appearance of ZP-1 PDW in Shadow Warrior (2013). It's gotten from a police vehicle that you go through as you progress through the level.
  • First appearance of Warlord in Shadow Warrior (2013).
  • When crossing the rooftops, if you look at the mountain side, Godzilla from popular movie series of the same name, can be seen walking through the mountainside, until it disappears behind the mountain.


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