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Chapter 3: A Spiritual Laxative is the third chapter of Shadow Warrior (2013).


Before heading to the cemetery, Lo Wang stops by his house.


Lo Wang continues his journey through the city. Before going to the cemetery after the Whisperer, Wang decides to visit his house first to pick up something. He uses a secret entrance in the sewers to get to his house. Wang finds his house destroyed but instead of going back, goes to the underground armory. Wang gets a crossbow from his armory. Hoji reveals that he was banished to the mortal world 200 years ago but doesn't remember why. Because of that, he wants to get the Nobitsura Kage for himself and use it to kill the ones that banished him. Lo Wang then proceeds to shave his head and get his suit of armor on.




There are six secrets. The three after the gatling gun sequence involve an environmental hazard with a hard-to-see path.

  1. As the level starts go to the first double door on your left. Inside the house, jump over a cabinet that's blocking the path to the area behind it. Go to left to find the secret.
  2. In the bamboo forest, follow the fence until an opening appears. Go through the opening and claim your secret.
  3. When in the sewers go to the tunnel on your left. At the end of it, there is a secret.
  4. After killing flying Birdmen with the gatling gun, go down to the pond starting at the pole to your left (you could also drop down directly if you can already see the path) and then follow the under water path. The path is a faintly visible rock just underneath the water, and leads to the little temple in the middle of the pond where you will find the secret.
  5. This temple has two secrets, the second being behind the temple. You can either jump down, or also use the underwater path.
  6. After gatling gun sequence turn around and then go to the waterfall. There's a rock ledge just under the water on the left that can be used to reach the waterfall. Behind the waterfall there is a retro room and a secret.


  • One of Master Leep's daughters appears in the level. She is found in the first major combat area, in the middle of the center alley. You can hear her singing from outside.


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