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Chapter 4: I Can't Remember That Night Either is the fourth chapter of Shadow Warrior (2013).


Lo Wang continues his journey to the cemetery.


Hoji urges Lo Wang to get to the cemetery before Whisperer took off with the Nobitsura Kage. Wang continues his journey to the cemetery encountering more demons and police forces. He goes through a temple and into the part of city leading to the cemetery.




  1. At the start of the level follow the path until you see the river. Jump down to the river and turn left. Follow the river to the bridge where on the left you will find the secret.
  2. At the start of the level follow the path until the road is blocked by burned cars. Behind them there is a secret.
  3. Follow down the street until you see a cherry blossom. Behind there is a river and on the right an opening. Go through the opening and follow the tunnel until you find the secret.
  4. Before going into the garden, turn to your right and under the bridge you will see the secret.
  5. After heading up the stairs and going into the new area, turn right from the big archway. Behind the bushes you will find your secret.
  6. After passing the big archway, before the bridge on your right there will an opening through the bamboo forest. Go through it and claim the secret.
  7. Before the bridge turn to your left and go to the far left of the bamboo forest. Keep heading left until you find an opening. When you find the opening, go through it. You will find a retro room and at the far back of the room a secret.
  8. After the bridge, walk into the building and then turn left. After reaching the final room on the left, go right and smash the wooden bit of the wall to find the secret.


  • Did you know that there's a hole in this map? After leaving your house, follow the line of houses in the left until you reach an opening. Behind the last building on the left is a set of unbreakable boxes in the shape of stairs. Jump up the stairs and follow the ledge around the left. This will take you to a room that allows you to jump on the rooftops. Between the houses, you can drop down to the ground, and have the freedom to reach the pagoda, as well as seeing a garden in the other side of the map.


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