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Chapter 6: Home, Sweet Home is sixth chapter of Shadow Warrior (2013).


After killing the Whisperer, Lo Wang is transported to the Shadow Realm, where he faces Gozu.


Lo Wang wakes up in the Shadow Realm. Hoji explains that when he killed the Whisperer, the memory sucked them through. Hoji then reveals that the Nobitsura Kage is made of three separate swords. To get the sword back to its full Ancient-killing capacity, he needs to find all three. While exploring the Shadow Realm, they encounter Gozu in his battle armor and Wang proceeds to fight him. After Wang defeats him, Hoji pulls out Gozu's spirit from the armor. Hoji reveals that Enra, ruler of the Ancients, is the one who banished him to the mortal world. Gozu reveals that there are other Whisperers looking for the Nobitsura Kage parts. Hoji then sucks out enough Ki from Gozu to make a portal to Earth. Hoji opens a portal to the next Whisperer and Lo Wang goes through it.




No secrets in this chapter.


  • This chapter serves as a first boss fight in the game.


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