Coolie is enemy type which appears in Shadow Warrior Classic and it's expansions Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon.

Overview Edit

These unskilled Asian workers pose little threat from long distances, but fear them at short range. They carry a wooden crate filled with TNT and will make kamikaze runs at you when you get close enough.

Not content with attacking you once, some Coolies will spawn a spectral ghost after they make their great sacrifice. These apparitions will float around phasing in and out of existence, taking time out to heave nasty gobs of bloody goo at you.

Design Edit

Coolies wear withered clothes, chain bracelets on their wrists and rice fields hats. They have green skin and white eyes. They always carry around a box full of TNT with them. When in sight of Lo Wang, one of the TNT sticks fuse starts to burn. Coolie Ghosts lack skin and lower part of their former body. Their eyes glow bright red and chain bracelets are still on their wrists.

Strategy Edit

Normal Coolies is best to take out from afar. You can use their explosive nature to destroy group of enemies as well. Also, always use katana to cut dead Coolies body as it will instantly kill Coolie Ghost and save you from later trouble.

Gallery Edit