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"These feral demons reproduce with abandon in the wilderness. At least someone's having fun out there."
—In-game description in Shadow Warrior 2.

Crawler is an enemy type encountered in Shadow Warrior (2013) and Shadow Warrior 2.



"Looks like you brought claws to a sword fight."
—Lo Wang, when fighting Crawlers.

Crawlers are the most encountered enemy type through out the game. Functioning as simple grunts of the demon army, they pose little threat to Lo Wang on their own. Because of that, Crawlers always attack in packs or accompany a greater demon. They rely only melee and as a result, Crawlers try to get as close as possible to Lo Wang. In addition to that they can dodge, roll, jump and walk on walls. Crawlers can also block attacks with katana and incoming crossbow bolts. When in Rage, Crawlers will charge up to hit Lo Wang by dashing straight for him and block crossbow bolts more often.

Shadow Warrior 2[]

Crawlers return in Shadow Warrior 2. Their design stays the same albeit now they posses blue skin.


Crawlers wear makeshift armor, made of wooden planks, ropes and lined with spikes. Some of them wear wooden or oni masks. Huge claws are growing out of their wrists. Crawler face has six holes parallel to one another. On their backs, Crawlers wear some kind of heraldry on their backs, sometimes with crescent on it.


While Crawlers are the lowest demons encountered in the game, they still can pose a threat in groups and in rage, especially in early Chapters. Katana alone can easily dispatch them. Also they frequently drop Hearts, which can be used to dispatch whole groups with it.