The Demon Rabbit also known as Shadow Rabbit is an enemy and an Easter egg appearing Shadow Warrior (2013).

Overview Edit

Demon Rabbit can be summoned when a player has killed up to three rabbits or sometimes it can be found by itself while maintaining its disguise as a normal white rabbit. The Demon Rabbit can easily kill an unwary player as it's much stronger and faster than regular Crawler. Upon death they can drop a demon heart.

Design Edit

Demon Rabbit has black fur and red eyes. Yellow sparks follow him, when he's moving.

Strategy Edit

Because of Demon Rabbit tendency to come up close to the player it's best to use katana combined with Ki attacks to deal with him.


  • This is likely a nod to original Shadow Warrior where rabbits (aside from special Easter egg) were totally harmless to the player and had no way to defend themselves if player wanted to kill them.
  • In Shadow Warrior 2 they're replaced by Bunny Lords.

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