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The Evildoing Dragon was an ancient dragon, the personification of chaos itself and the main antagonist of Shadow Warrior 3.


Early History[]

Eons ago, the Evildoing Dragon came to Shadow Realm in search of chi to satisfy his hunger. As it ravaged the realm, the denizens of Shadow Realm rose up against him. The local resistance was led by five brothers: Enra, Mezu, Xing, Gozu and Hoji. While Xing led the demon armies against the dragon, Hoji built special battle armors, that enhanced their strength. Eventually, they managed to push the Evildoing Dragon into inter-dimensional prison. Hoji then built Outer Gates in order to seal it away. But realising, that the dragons power could still be of use, the brother use their sister, Ameonna as a link between the beast's power and their world.

As the power ran through Ameonna, it manifested as tears, that brought life back to the Shadow Realm. It also made the siblings immortals and gave access to incredible powers. The demons started to worship the siblings as gods, becoming known as Ancients for their immortality.

Shadow Warrior 3[]

After the Outer Gates are shattered by Kamiko, the dragon is released from his eternal prison. Now free, the Evildoing Dragon first goes to kill all the Ancients and everything relating to them, including Chi-engines. Once it came to Zilla City, Zilla tried everything he could to stop the dragon. He used his billions dollars combined with intelligence to create a weapon to take the dragon down, but nothing worked. With none able to stop it, over the next three months, the Evildoing Dragon was free to ravage the Earth, destroying everything in his path.

When Lo Wang activates Hoji's Doomsday Device, the dragon is attracted to it. As the dragon approaches, Hoji tries to use the device to steal the beasts power for himself. But he miscalculates and the Evildoing Dragon proceeds to swallow the device. Enraged by Hoji's attempt to steal its power, the Evildoing Dragon begins to hunt for him. The dragon finds Hoji in a nearby forest and proceeds to freeze it with his ice breath.

Hoji then comes up with a plan to use his mask as a bomb to kill the dragon. Lo Wang decides, that Motoko's familiar Tanuki will deliver the bomb to the dragon. But as the Evildoing Dragon approaches, the bomb goes off too soon and its swallowed by the beast. This forces Lo Wang to go inside the dragon and retrieve the mask. Inside the dragon's guts, Lo Wang finds the Doomsday Device, still in operational state. He uses it to blow open an entrance to the dragon's heart. Inside the heart, Lo Wang faces off against the Guardian of the Heart. He succeeds in killing it, causing the Evildoing Dragon to be severed in half.


The Evildoing Dragon is a malevolent entity, that is solely driven by his hunger for chi energy. In order to quench his immeasurable hunger, the dragon is determined to destroy anything and anyone, that stands in his way. He holds a deep grudge against the Ancients for trapping him and stealing his power for their own use. Because of this, after being released, he made his first objective to eradicate all the Ancients and destroy everything they ever built.


The Evildoing Dragon is designed after the traditional Chinese dragons. Additionally, it has yellow, glowing eyes and ice crystals all over its body.