"It's all in the reflexes."
Lo Wang, when using Fists of Fury.

Fists of Fury along with Katana is player's default weapon in Shadow Warrior Classic and it's expansions, Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon.

Overview Edit

Lo Wang can use his powerful fighting skills at close range to punch the life out of his foes. They are great for taking out weaker enemies or when conserving ammo. Finally, if you find a smoke bomb, your fists will become powerful rapid jabs of destruction, able to kill some tougher enemies (such as Rippers) with a few punches alongside the benefit of being nearly invisible. If a practice dummy is found, Lo Wang can punch it to regain his health.

Usage Edit

Fists of Fury are useful when faced with hordes of Hornets, Koi or (at close range) Coolie ghosts. They also one of two weapons, that can kill Coolie ghosts as they spawn.

Trivia Edit

  • Fists of Fury is a reference to Bruce Lee's movie Fist of Fury.
  • Shadow Warrior Classic contains unused code that gives three additional modes for fists of fury. Two of these increase the damage spread slightly, and the third allows Lo Wang to reduce damage to one third. These alternate methods of attack were commented out in the source code.
  • Punching walls will actually hurt you and even may kill you.

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