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"The Gassy Obaryion makes the Oni Hanma look positively anoresic. He has a face only a mother could love and hasn't seen his knees since... well... ever. Smelling his earwax can put you into a coma."
—In-game description.

Gassy Obaryion is a type of enemy appearing in Shadow Warrior 3.


Gassy Obaryion is a heavy hitting yokai, first appearing in Level 9: The Fast and the Furry. It has two powerful gatling guns and a stomp attack. Executing a finisher on Gassy Obaryion will grant you the Double Trouble gore weapon. To execute a finisher, Gassy Obaryion requires three finisher charges instead of the usual two.


Gassy Obaryion is a big overweight yokai with green glowing eyes. It carries two gatling guns and has a pair of mechanic wings, that let him move around. The most striking element of its design is a another yokai, sticking out of his stomach.


To defeat the Gassy Obaryion, shoot it until it dies.

I'd recommend saving up enough energy to perform a finisher on the Gassy Obaryion, as it's duel gatling guns are very powerful, and can clear an arena very easily.


  • Gassy Obaryion has some resemblance to Mancubus from Doom series.