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Guardian is an enemy appearing in Shadow Warrior Classic and its expansions Twin Dragon and Wanton Destruction.


These 10 foot tall 'guardians' are very tough indeed. You will need many shotgun blasts to bring one down. As if that's not bad enough, they can shoot fireballs from their eyes that deal a lot of damage. At close range they will switch to using a sword that will cut you to pieces very quickly. After death, Guardians have a chance to drop their head, which can be used as a deadly weapon.


Guardians have ogre-like features: green skin, under bite, three-toed feet. Their right arm is armored. Like other enemies, their eyes glow bright red. Their hair are tied into a ponytail.

Wanton Destruction[]

In the expansion, the Guardian is replaced by an old man in blue robes. He wears a rice hat and has long white beard. The wizard's eyes are glowing in white. He wields a staff with a decapitated Guardian Head on top and a blade on the bottom. They are functionally identical to the standard Guardians.


These guys are best dealt with at long distances and using high damage weapons like Rocket Launcher or Rail Gun. They are not too aggressive, but pack a serious punch if you're caught by their fire attack.


  • In early game screenshots, Guardian was a giant green dragon.
  • Interestingly enough, the Guardian Head weapon is actually quite a bit different looking then the creatures that it drops from. This was most likely the result of artistic changes over the course of the game's development.