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Heisenberg is a side mission in Shadow Warrior 2, which becomes available after completing story mission "Stop the Ooze".


Lo Wang is tasked by Kyokagami Twins to prepare shade for Mezu.


This side mission is divided into 3 parts:

1st part[]

Kyokagami Twins, aware of chemist Kamiko hidden inside Lo Wang, task him to prepare a drug for Mezu. Therefore, they send him to outskirts of Calamity to find ingredients required to prepare shade - unmodified black rain. Lo Wang manages to find 3 vases filled with material, then he returns to Twins.

2nd part[]

After collecting required materials Twins sends Lo Wang to abandoned Zilla Lab to prepare shade. Lo Wang, after arriving there, discovers, that lab equipment is missing. After a tense fight he manages to find missing stuff and - with Kamiko's help - prepares required amount of drug.

3rd part[]

Lo Wang is tasked by Kyokagami Twins to deliver shade to a certain place. After doing so, he goes to receive his specially prepared reward - white datsun. However, the car turns to be an explosive trap, which Lo Wang survives - only to face twin ZL-Mechs. Angered by this situation, he decides to eliminate the Twins. After doing so, he returns to speak about this situation with Mezu. Few seconds after this discussion ends there is a call from Twins, that they acquired shade, but few moments later - due to Kamiko's modification - they suffer from drug poisoning.



  • 1st part - The Highest Priest (version of Treeface);
  • 2nd part - Colonel Fasthand (version of Zilla Corps);
  • 3rd part - The Lord of War (version Warlord) - if killed, drops up to 37 Orbs of Masamune and Agent of Chaos);




  • Name of a quest is a reference to character Walter White from TV series Breaking Bad.
  • Similar looking datsun player can meet during side mission Flirty Fishing, part III.
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