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"The Yakuza were the first to discover that Hellhounds could be domesticated if trained from birth. If you can overlook the fire breathing, they're actually very loving."
—In-game description.

Hellhound is demon enemy type encountered in Shadow Warrior 2.


Hellhounds are quadruped demons first appearing during mission Ninja'd Scrolls. They attack by popping out of the ground and then charging at Lo Wang, using his claws to attack him. If Wang gets further away from Hellhound it starts to spit fire. They usually attack in groups of two or three, accompanied by other demons.

There is a champion version of this enemy - Alpha R-XIII, which player may meet during side mission Monster Tea Party.


Hellhounds are quadruped, possessing multiple spikes around his body. They have four eyes and wear a makeshift armor.


Hellhounds weak point is his head so accurate weapons are advised. It suffices to pepper it with a machine gun to incapacitate it.


  • If a player uses a grenade launcher and shoots the grenade nearby without hitting the hounds will play fetch. This is easier observed with the Detonator perk.
  • Rarely, if player shoots precisely at part between front horns with grenade launcher, grenade does not explode immediately and instead the Hellhound carries it.
  • Alpha R-XIII's name might be a reference to Red XIII from Final Fantasy 7.