Hornets are enemy type appearing in Shadow Warrior Classic.

Overview Edit

These overgrown yellow jackets will do minor damage to you, but beware a swarm of them. They are extremely fast and erratic moving, making them hard to hit, and will continually sting away at your health.

Design Edit

Hornets looks like ordinary Earth hornets except are bigger and have red eyes.

Strategy Edit

Because of their erratic and fast movement it's really hard to kill them. A swarm of them can easily kill Lo Wang in seconds. It's best to lure Hornets into tight corridors so it would be easier to hit them. Normal shurikens will do the job nicely. A less safe option is to fire a rocket in a surface near them: the blast easily kills them, as they possess very little health. But do be careful not to hit one instead, as you'll probably be hurt, or even killed, by the proximate blast.

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