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Hot Blooded is the third story mission in Shadow Warrior 2.


Lo Wang is tasked by Smith to find the ingredients needed to make cure for Kamiko.


Master Smith tasks Lo Wang in finding ingredients needed to make cure for Kamiko. First he visits Larry and gets Golden Chrysanthemum. After obtaining the ingredient Kamiko reveals that she can teleport them near special statues around the surrounding area. After being teleported into the wilderness, Wang heads out to find the last three ingredients - monster's skin, raw Chi-crystals and a demonic rod. After retrieving the needed ingredients, Wang returns to Smith who says to check back on him later as making the cure gonna take some time.





There are 7 Statue's of Fortune in this mission:

  • First statuette is in a small cave covered by a bush. You can get there through the roof of destroyed building.
  • Second find the entrance to the cave. Once inside the cave turn left and break the wall.
  • Third secret is hidden in the bushes behind the statue.
  • Fourth secret is hidden in the bushes. Look for bridges and 3 trees standing close together.
  • Fifth statuette is in another secret cave behind destructible wall.
  • Sixth statuette is hidden behind a mill (near the Demonic Rod objective)
  • Seventh statuette is on the secret ledge in one of the caves.


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