Industrial Espionage is the fourth story mission in Shadow Warrior 2.

Synopsis Edit

Lo Wang is tasked with retrieval of Kamiko's research notes.

Storyline Edit

Mamushi Helka tasks Lo Wang with retrieving Kamiko's research notes from her apartment. When he gets there Kamiko reveals that she doesn't keep her notes at her apartment, but instead gave them for safekeeping to Xing. After he gets to Xing and some persuasion from Wang and Kamiko, he gives the coordinates for the drives containing her notes. Wang manages to track them down, but Kamiko convinces him to give Helka the fake ones and destroy the real drivers.Wang does that and gives Helka the fake drivers.

Reward Edit

Champion Edit

  • Transistor ZL-260 - A powerful version of ZL-Mech variant.

For killing the Champion, you receive:

  • Skill - Explosives Pouch
  • Weapon - Monsoon

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Secrets Edit

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