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"I try to travel light. Thank you, Lo Wang. You have been a good friend to me. And a worthy partner."
—Kamiko's last words to Lo Wang.

Kamiko is a supporting character appearing in Shadow Warrior 2.


Early History[]

Kamiko was born to Kazuko Mori, the daughter of Mamushi Heika after she made a bargain with Mezu, letting him to violate her daughter in order to solidify her position as the leader of Yakuza. Unfortunately, Kamiko's mother dies due to birth complications.

Kamiko spends her first months in the protection of her grandmother. One time while roaming Calamity Town, Smith Masamune notices the young Kamiko effortlessly levitating a rock with her chi abilities. A group of Yakuza children surround her and begin to mock her. Kamiko ignores them and lifts bugs from the ground, accidentally covering the boys in them. One of the boys grabs a rock and prepares to throw it at Kamiko. Kamiko immobilizes him and begins to lift the rock up in the air with the boy still holding it. Once he was about six feet off the ground the boy came to his senses and let it go.

As the crowd began to close in on her, the rock flew back down, and began whizzing quickly around the edge of circle. Though it stuck no one, the rock clearly terrified the boys, who dropped to the ground, covering in fear. Kamiko then finally stood up, caught the rock with her hand and after whispering something into the boys ear, left the scene. The next day, Smith saw Kamiko again, although he doesn't recognize her as she have grown into a teenager. After witnessing her chi bending abilities, Smith approaches her and offers to train her if she ever has time. Kamiko tells him, that she will think about it.

Ultimately, Kamiko decides to join the Anvil, where she's trained by Smith and meets Hideo. Although other students at Anvil are at first wary of her, they eventually get accustomed to her. Being extremely powerful, Smith decides to not use her on missions, which frustrates Kamiko. Over the months, Kamiko takes the initiative and brings more young girls from the streets to train in the Anvil.

Working with Zilla[]

When she reached adulthood, Kamiko took interest in working at Zilla Labs. Mamushi is completely against this idea, not wanting to deal with Zilla. But when Kamiko suggests, that she could spy for Yakuza and let them take over Zilla Enterprises from the inside, Mamushi complies as Mezu begins showing lots of interest in Zilla's experiments. In just one day, Kamiko manages to make more progress on Chi engines, than Zilla in six months of testing. Zilla was quite amazed to see, how easily Kamiko could manipulate raw crude.

By October, Zilla began to mass produce micro Chi engines built inside various electronic devices in Zilla City. Kamiko also creates the Compound 61, a drug produced from a mixture of crude, human blood and few other chemicals, that induces heightened mental state in humans, giving them visions of new technologies, they could built. Soon after Zilla started to have worries, regarding Kamiko's pace with breakthroughs, fearing that she might eclipse his abilities. Eventually, his men discover, that Kamiko has ties to Yakuza. Believing her to be conspiring behind his back, Zilla decides to kill her.

Shadow Warrior 2[]

The next day, Zilla orders the Kyokagami Twins to capture Kamiko and bring her to the labs. There Kyokagami Twins inject Kamiko with an overdose of Compound 61 as Zilla thanks her service. Much to his shock, Kamiko begins to exhibit abnormal behaviour. This intrigues Zilla and he orders the Twins to keep Kamiko safe as he goes to check her personally. But Lo Wang manages to infiltrate the labs and rescue Kamiko.

Because her body becomes corrupted, Master Smith transfers Kamiko's soul into Lo Wang's body. Where she journeys with him and gets irritated every time he makes a stupid joke. When after learning the truth about Mezu, her father, she accepts her destiny to be the gatekeeper in his place and transforms into a dragon to seal the way of the Shadow Realm gate. Keeping the Gateway between Human World and Shadow Realm sealed. However, it seems that she also devours Lo Wang in the process.


Kamiko is very childish, always complaining when things don't go the way she wants to. However as the story progress, she grows more mature and after learning the truth that she is an Ancient, accepts her destiny as the key to safe and keep the human world and Shadow Realm separated for good. She also is a brilliant mathematician and scientist, responsible for inventing Chi-engines and robotics for Zilla.


Kamiko before corruption looks like an average scientist working for Zilla, but after Shade injection is covered by purple mist. The mutations destroyed her clothes, disfigured her body, and produced additional limbs.

As spirit, Kamiko "wears" latex-type suit and has - common in East Asia - hairstyle.


Kamiko's corrupted body (labeled as Corrupted Kamiko or Devouring Kamiko) body can be met 3 times, plus the dual boss fight in The Way of the Wang DLC. Each fight is tough and requires a lot of agility.

Corrupted Kamiko[]

"This (this is Kamiko body), or either someone gave Big Foot prozac prescription"
—Lo Wang comment on Corrupted Kamiko's size

Corrupted Kamiko is the first in-game boss, which the player meets in the center of Dragon Mountain at the end of story quest "Big Trouble in Calamity". Her attacks can be divided into TWO categories—Ranged: which includes fireball rain, Spike Ram (in second phase), chi-power walls—and Melee: which includes various jumps and stomps.

When reaching the middle of her health, she summons 4 Thorntails with various immunities and until they die she is invincible and casts non-stop chi walls, which can be avoided.

Due to her size and speed, it is recommended to limit the use of rocket/grenade launcher or rifles and instead use machine guns. On higher level she may be immune to one element, but in that case she will surely be weak to opposite element.

After defeating her, it mutates to a version known as Devouring Kamiko and escapes the Dragon Mountain.

Devouring Kamiko[]

The first time Devouring Kamiko can be spotted is at the end of side mission Monster Tea Party, where she stands near a vessel filled with tea infused with crude. However, after seeing Lo Wang, she escapes the battlefield. Devouring Kamiko is probably responsible for destroying the tea plantation and killing workers.

The Boss Fight with Devouring Kamiko is at the end of story mission Body Shaking, where she is seen while drinking Dark Rain. In this fight, her body doesn't use the "chi-walls" ability, but - thanks to her huge fist - she can rush or do leaping attacks, dealing serious damage. Same as in case of Corrupted Kamiko, due to her agility, weapons like the Raven are highly recommend. This time, she does not summon any support and most of her attacks are the same as in case of Corrupted Kamiko.

After being beaten for the second time, her body escapes the battlefield, but helicopters sent by Zilla manages to capture her and transport to one of his labs (the player can see it again in Zilla Lab sector B during story mission "Violent Takeover", from where it is later stolen by Ameonna's followers).

Ancient Goddess Ameonna[]

After capturing her body and transporting it away from Zilla City, Gozu transports Ameonna's soul into that body, causing further mutation.

For a tactic for that boss fight, see: Ameonna

Corrupted Kamiko & Devouring Kamiko[]

This duo can be met as a final challenge in a The Way of the Wang DLC. It is advised to eliminate Devouring Kamiko first, as the weaker version will produce Thorntails, which will make hard fight nearly impossible. Weapons with high ROF are recommended.


  • Kamiko's role in Shadow Warrior 2 seems to be similar to that of Hoji in the Shadow Warrior (2013).
  • Ameonna and Kamiko have the same voice actress.
  • Kamiko is the youngest person in the Shadow Warrior franchise, as she is 3 years old.
  • Kamiko treats Master Smith like her father, opposite in her relation to her biological father.
  • Kamiko likes tea, which can be spotted during a few quest where she either talks about making her tea or "infusing" it.
  • When first met in Shadow Warrior 2, Kamiko recites the Fibonacci sequence.