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"The greatest of sword masters understand perfectly that true power lies not in the blade but in the will of its wielder. Learn how to use KI energy in combat, by channeling it through your sword."
—In-game description.

Katana Mastery is a skill tree featured in Shadow Warrior (2013).


Katana Mastery increases katana effectiveness in combat.


First group[]

Divider of Heavens: Frontal KI strike that pierces multiple enemies.

Circle of Iron: A spinning AOE attack. you cannot move while it is in effect

Wing of Crane: Gives a range attack to your katana.

Divider of Heavens is very movement based, that is to say you can constantly be in motion while using it. Circle of Iron is useful when surrounded by foes and Wing of Crane good for taking out enemies from afar.

Second group[]

Kenshi: Increases KI strike damage by 20%.

Kensei: Increases KI strike damage by 50%.

Both skills are good for increasing KI strike base damage.

Third group[]

Aswang Hunger: KI strikes restore 10 points of health.

This skill is very important since you can heal to your max base health (100-130). It also allows you to be aggressive in combat as both a offensive and defensive move. You are being rewarded for taking risks to hit multiple enemies by restoring your own HP.