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"Look at that sad bastard. It's a Kugutsu. This pathetic yokai has ice cube makers instead of hands. This ridiculous demon has only one skill on his resume, the ability to throw ice shards with deadly precision. Maybe after the demon apocalypse he can get a job working at a bar."
—In-game description.

Kugutsu is an enemy type encountered in Shadow Warrior 3.


Kugutsu are weak grunts, that accompany Shogai through out the game. They're ranged fighters, that shoot ice shards from their hands. Kugutsu also have a flying variant. After executing a finisher, Kugutsu drops the Brain Freeze gore weapon.


Kugutsu looks like a wooden puppet, with blue glowing eyes and teeth. They posses wooden tubes, instead of hands, from which they shoot ice shards.


Kugutsu pose little threat, thus they become a good source of ammo.


  • Kugutsu means "puppet" in Japanese.