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"I'm supposed to compete with that?"
—Lo Wang, expressing that he can't compete for the title of Zilla's favorite assassin, with the Kyogakami Twins.

The Kyokagami (combination of both sister names - Kyoko and Kagami) Twins are female twin assassins working for Orochi Zilla and appearing in Shadow Warrior (2013) and Shadow Warrior 2.


Shadow Warrior (2013)[]

Lo Wang encounters the twins in Chapter 8 on Osaka shipyard. The twins managed to trap themselves on ship. Lo Wang decides to help them out and also concludes that the twins are probably searching for Nobitsura Kage too. The sister conjure a plan to use Lo Wang in getting the Nobitsura Kage for themselves. Once Wang frees them, Kyogakami Twins help him to navigate to Manticore. Lo Wang finds explosive charges and puts them all over the ship.

Before going after Whisperer, he betrays the sisters and detonates the charges. The twins survive the explosion and, through radio, tell Wang that they are going to warn Master Zilla about his treachery. After Lo Wang defeats Zilla, the sisters rescue Zilla, taking him away in a helicopter.

Shadow Warrior 2[]

The Kyokogami Twins appear for the first time in the mission where Lo Wang tries to rescue Kamiko. They remain absent until the completion of the first quest for Mezu, "Stop the Ooze". After that moment, the player can find them in Wang's Cave, lying on the couch near staircase.

They are also a principal of questline "Heisenberg". After Wang creates a drug for them, Kyokogami Twins try to eliminate Wang, but he survives and defeats them instead. Later they suffer from drug poisoning, due to Kamiko's modification to it. It's unknown whether the poison Kamiko used was lethal or not, but they don't show up again in the game or in the series.

Kyoko dresses black and is more lighthearted and even flirts with Lo Wang. Kagami dresses in white and is more straightforward and serious. Both sisters have unconditional loyalty to Zilla. They are Zilla's favourites, mostly because of their looks, as Lo Wang hints.


Shadow Warrior 2013[]

Both twins wear skin tight latex suits. Kagami wears white one, while Kyoko black one. Also, Kagami seems slightly taller than Kyoko.

Shadow Warrior 2[]

Twins suits were changed - instead of latex there are covered in bodypainting with minimal quantity of cyber elements.


  • In Kamiko opinion, both Kyoko and Kagami are addicted to shade.
  • Kyokagami Twins share the same voice actress as ZL-209 and Female Yakuza.
  • Their eye and jaw augments/replacements are similar to Raiden's from Metal Gear Revengeance.