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"You always make me smile, Lo Wang. No wait, that's not it. You always make me fart. That's what it was."
—Larry upon first meeting with him.

Larry is the owner of Larry’s Shoot Shack in Shadow Warrior 2. He sells various stuff to Lo Wang.


Early History[]

Larry is an owner of small shop with guns, which is terrorized by few Yakuza groups. However, Lo Wang "put the fear of [Wang] in them" and Larry can trade without any worries of his business being destroyed closest future.

Shadow Warrior 2[]

Larry is an owner and only seller in Larry's Shoot Shack, where he sells guns, skills and upgrade gems. Outside his Shack he can be met once - after ZillaCorps attack. He also participate in few quests, both mandatory (looking for elements to create cure for Kamiko) and optional (tapes for Gozu and Ameonna's followers).


Larry - as for a demon - is friendly, especially towards Lo Wang. They both like to tease each other and are quite laid back.


  • Larry is a name for his customers. His real name is unpronounceable.
  • Lo Wang, asked by Kamiko, says that name "Larry" came from a video game. Lo Wang probably mentioned Leisure Suit Larry series, where main protagonist name is Larry
  • In Kamiko opinion, Larry is a nerd.