Larry's Shoot Shack is a location in Shadow Warrior 2. It's owned by Larry and serves as weapon shop for Lo Wang.

Overview Edit

Established by a demon named Larry, the Shoot Shack acts as a gun shop for player on Dragon Mountain.

History Edit

Shadow Warrior 2 Edit

Wang visits Larry's Shoot Shack for the first time when Smith tasks him in finding the ingredients needed to make a cure for Kamiko. Larry gives him one of the ingredients, Golden Chrysanthemum.

Later during mission Demon Trafficking, Larry reveals that some Yakuza members started to kidnap cultists and use them as sex slaves. They always move around, but do have a permanent compound. To get inside, Wang must pass a retina scan. Larry points a Yakuza member close to his location.

Trivia Edit

  • The original theme of the 1997 game plays whenever you enter Larry's shop.

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