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Level 11: Sumo Sky Palace is the eleventh level of Shadow Warrior Classic.


Lo Wang must endure the dangers of a Sky Palace and face it's owner Sumo.




  1. At the beginning of the level, go to the left of the gold key door and push on the stone in the corner. The wall will open revealing a secret area that holds a Riot Gun and 2 medkits.

    Map of the level

  2. Inside of the red key door, there is a red couch on the wall just past the 1st spinning blade obstacle. Push on the couch and it will lower revealing a secret area with 2 medkits and a case of Sticky Bombs inside.
  3. This secret is sort of tricky to get to. Time one of the two spinning blade columns to where you can ride in one of the areas the blades aren't in. Turn around and face the outside and look for the beige area against the wall as it spins around. Time it to where you can jump from the spinning column and push on the beige area. If you time it right, the wall will open up and you step inside the secret area without being sliced from the blades. Once inside you will find a Guardian Head, grenade shells, Portable MedKit and 2 medkits.
  4. When you climb the tall ladder that you have to make a running jump to, turn around and look behind you. In the corner to the left, you'll see a crack in the wall. Blast through it and you'll find a secret area that holds missiles, Sticky Bombs, a flash bomb and a Nuclear Warhead.
  5. Inside the silver key door, don't jump onto the bobbing columns in the lava. Instead, turn to your right and walk along the stone ledge that borders this area. When you walk around the back side of the wall, you come to a secret area where 2 fortune cookies, grenade shells, missiles, Nuclear Warhead and Portable MedKit are stashed on a platform in the lava.


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