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Level 16: Subpen 7 is the sixteenth level of Shadow Warrior Classic.


In his journey to find Zilla, Lo Wang travels to Subpen 7.




  1. When you walk through the blue access door and down the end of the hall, you can see a Rocket Launcher on the right side through the barred windows. Walk through the double doors ahead and turn to your right heading east until you reach the harbor. Turn right again and walk around the path and grab the caltrops and Rocket Launcher that you could see through the windows.

    Map of the level

  2. Walk back around until you come to the crates along the edge of the harbor. There is a stack of crates along the west wall to the right of the path where you walked into this area. Walk behind the crates and grab the medkit and Riot Gun in this not-so-secret area.
  3. Jump on to the crates by the last secret area until you reach the Kevlar Armor Vest on the top crate. Turn and face east and make a running jump onto the tall crate toward the harbor. Turn towards your left where you can see a red beacon on a ledge. Jump onto the ledge and collect the 2 Rail Gun rods and the rack of missiles.
  4. Jump onto the submarine that has the gun and aim the gun to the crack on the metal door and blast it open. Walk into the cracked section and face east and you'll find a Ripper Heart in this secret area.
  5. After you have retrieved the yellow access card, jump onto the crates that are stacked 3 high that have the case of grenades on them. Turn facing southeast and jump onto the crates that has a Nuclear Warhead on them.


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