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Level 1: The Dragon's Back is the first level of Shadow Warrior 3.


After falling to kill the Evildoing Dragon, he himself accidentally released, Lo Wang becomes reclusive, wallowing in his failure. But his misery is interrupted by Zilla, who comes up with a plan to kill the dragon.


Three months after Lo Wang released an ancient dragon by accident, global civilization has been almost wiped out due to the presence of the dragon and the demonic beings that overrun the world. Wang himself has become a recluse, wallowing in depression due to his failure to defeat the dragon. He's now leaving in the remains of the Wang Cave, after it was forcefully moved by the dragon from the Dragon Mountain. Believing to be one of the last humans alive on the Earth, he became attached to Hoji's mask, often talking to it as if it was alive. While being only in his underwear, he recalls the last three months to the mask.

After the Evildoing Dragon escapes from Outer Gates, it went to destroy anything related to Ancients and their power, including chi powered machines. Lo Wang did all he could to stop the dragon, but his efforts bear no fruit. Once it came to Zilla City, Zilla tried everything he could to stop the dragon. He used his billions dollars combined with intelligence to create a weapon to take the dragon down, but nothing worked. Wang now believes, that Zilla is most likely buried below rubble of his once great city. Zilla then approaches Lo Wang, startling him. Zilla suggests, that they could harness the energy, still residing in Hoji's mask and use it to kill the Evildoing Dragon. Lo Wang is persuaded by Zilla's words and the two join forces.


  • This is the first game in the reboot series to not feature The Touch by Stan Bush in the opening level.
  • The katana called Dragontail is acquired in this level.
  • The heavy revolver called The Outlaw is acquired in this level.
  • First appearance of Shogai.
  • First appearance of Kugutsu.
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