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Level 5: Walking on Eggshells is the fifth level of Shadow Warrior 3.


Hoji comes up with the plan to hatch a new body for himself. But first they need to retrieve a dragon's egg.


Lo Wang with Hoji begin their climb to the Nest of the Ancient Cock through a maze of caves. Wang is still confused as to how Hoji is still alive. Hoji explains, that the Evildoing Dragon is the source of his godly powers. As long as it lives it serves as an anchor for his soul. All he needed is to someone to wake his soul. Once they leave the caves, the Ancient Cock begins to secretly observe them. Hoji warns Lo Wang, that although the demons aren't the smartest creatures, they still pose a huge threat. But Wang disregards Hoji's concerns.

While traversing terrain, Lo Wang ponders if Hoji will look the same after gaining a new body. Hoji is hopeful, that his new body will look better than his former one. They finally reach the nest. As Wang sneaks into the nest, he notices the Ancient Cock, circling around them. He stops in his tracks, waiting till Hoji comes up with a plan of action. But Wang accidentally alerts the Ancient Cock to his position, who then proceeds to attack him.

This causes all the eggs, except one to be fully destroyed. The demon then swallows the last egg and attacks Wang. Lo Wang succeeds in killing the demon by cutting him in half. As he approaches the Ancient Cock to retrieve the egg, the demon wakes up. His top half begins to fly, while shooting lasers at Wang. Meanwhile, the lower half tries to stomp him to death. Wang succeeds in defeating the Ancient Cock, but not before, the lower half of the demon grabs the last egg and jumps out of the hatchery. This forces Lo Wang to chase after the egg. As the egg falls down the mountain, Wang tries to keep up and manages to catch up to it.


  • First appearance of Hattori.
  • This level features the first boss fight in the game, against the Ancient Cock.
  • A crossbow called Shuriken Spitter is acquired in this level.
  • First appearance of explosive Shogai.
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