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Level 6: Killing Fields is the sixth level of Shadow Warrior Classic.


Lo Wang must survive killing fields in order to reach Zilla.




  1. At the beginning of the level, walk forward into the pond and let the water carry you over the waterfall. There is a cave to the left that is hidden partially from hang vines. Go inside a grab the armor for this secret area.

    Map of the level

  2. When you walk into the lower part of the level where the Buddha statue is, there is a large gong hanging up above the statue. Shoot the gong to make it sound and a wall will open briefly on the right hand side of the Buddha statue. Run in and grab the missiles, night vision goggles, medkits and grenades. There is a switch by the grenades that will open the wall back after it has closed.
  3. In the upper level where the gold and bronze keyed doors are, there is a crack in the wall in the short hallway that leads to where you go to get the gold key. Shoot the crack and grab the Ripper heart hidden within.
  4. When you grab the gold key, there is a blue flag to the west of the stone where you got the key. Walk up and jump on top of the flag and face straight across to the other flag on the other side of the room. Perform a running jump and leap across to the other side. If you make it, the secret will report and a Nuclear Warhead is yours for the taking.
  5. On your way down to the silver door key, there is a cave to the right of the waterfall. Stand on the highest stone and perform a running leap and jump into the cave and grab the Kevlar Armor Vest.


The level's name most likely references the killing fields of Cambodia during the rule of the Khmer Rouge.


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