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Level 7: Doomsday Device is the seventh level of Shadow Warrior 3.


With Hoji fully revived, Lo Wang travels to an ancient device, that can kill the Evildoing Dragon.


After Hoji uses a dragon egg to hatch a new body for himself, he guides Lo Wang toward a contraption called a "Chi cannon", which supposedly has enough power to destroy the dragon. Unbeknownst to Wang, Hoji intends to use the cannon to drain the dragon's power and make it his, in order to become an all-powerful God. But first, Lo Wang must turn on chi siphons in order to attract the dragon to their location.

As Wang turns on the machinery, he asks Hoji about his history with the dragon. Hoji reveals, that the Evildoing Dragon nearly destroyed the Shadow Realm during his rampage. Instead of outright destroying it, Hoji and his brothers decided to capture the dragon and use it as a battery to make them gods and bring balance to their realm. According to Hoji, once the balance was brought to the Shadow Realm, his brothers split the dragon's power unevenly, ignoring his demands and needs. Thus his brothers created a world without freedom and where they had total control.

Zilla then contacts Lo Wang, warning him to not underestimate the Evildoing Dragon's power as it already ate all of Hoji's brothers. Hoji disregards his warnings, putting all of his trust into the "Chi cannon". Meanwhile, Lo Wang questions Hoji if he ever cared about his brothers. Hoji tells him, that once they had the dragon's power, they distanced from him, believing their young brother to be immature and not be fit to be a god. For this decision, Hoji held a grudge against them ever since.

Once Lo Wang power ups the machine, Hoji secretly depowers it just enough, that it wouldn't kill the dragon, but transfer its power to him instead. However, Hoji makes a miscalculation, and the dragon swallows the cannon.


  • First appearance of Chief Oboru Guruma.
  • Hoji makes a reference to the BFG from Doom series.
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