"Car, sweet car."
—Lo Wang before getting inside his car in Shadow Warrior 2.

Lo Wang's Car is a vehicle seen in Shadow Warrior (2013) and Shadow Warrior 2.

Overview Edit

The car belongs to Lo Wang and is first seen in the intro cut scene for Shadow Warrior (2013). The player can't drive the car and is only used in cut scenes, and as level transitions. There's two colors: black one seen in the first chapter and second chapter, and white one seen in Lo Wang's house. The car can't be destroyed by the player.

History Edit

2013 Edit

Lo Wang arrives with car to Mizayaki's house. He later seen getting in the car and leaving the house. In Chapter 2, he leaves the car behind, when obstructions appear on the road.

Shadow Warrior 2 Edit

The car returns in Shadow Warrior 2. It appear in the opening cutscene as Wang travels to Temple of Longing. A Toro throws a rabbit at the car and hits the windshield, forcing Wang to lose control of the car and drive off the cliff. The car is later seen on Dragon Mountain, but because of Kamiko's ability to teleport, Wang doesn't use it.

Trivia Edit

  • The car is based on Nissan Datsun 240z.

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