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"Your training is complete Lo Wang, avenge my death..."
—Master's Leep's final words to Lo Wang.

Master Leep is Lo Wang's mentor appearing in Shadow Warrior Classic.


Before Shadow Warrior Classic[]

Not much is know about his past, besides that he took Lo Wang under his wing and taught him everything he knows about martial arts.

Shadow Warrior Classic[]

After Zilla's men come after him, Wang travels to his former master's temple for help. But Zilla's men get there before him and kill Master Leep. When Lo Wang reaches his master, with his last words, Master Leep asks Wang to avenge his death and dies from his wounds. Later, his spirit can be heard warning Lo Wang about Zilla.


Not much is know about Master Leep's personality, besides the fact that he preferred the company of his young daughters, and a collective penchant for nudism.

Behind the scenes[]

Master Leep's name is probably a reference to the audio sketch "Ti Kwan Leep" by The Frantics, from their album "Boot to the Head".