"Talent that serves a poor master is a tree with rotted roots. It stands tall, until kissed by the spring breeze."
—Mizayaki to Lo Wang, after finding out that he's working for Zilla.

Mizayaki is an antique collector appearing in Shadow Warrior (2013).

History Edit

Before Shadow Warrior Edit

Being a collector of priceless antiques, Mizayaki manages to obtain one of parts of Nobitsura Kage. At some point, Mizayaki is contacted by Hoji and they make an alliance.

Shadow Warrior (2013) Edit

Zilla sends Lo Wang to purchase an ancient katana from Mizayaki for 2 million dollars. Mizayaki refuses the offer and Wang tries to take the sword by force, killing his men in the process. Wang is captured, when Mizayaki reveals his bond with a demon named Hoji, and is caged, but escapes, when demons attack the compound. Mizayaki is killed soon after the attack.

Personality Edit

Mizayaki seems strict and a wise man. He views Zilla as a "poor master" and doesn't trust him.

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