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"The Moguras are as screwy as can be. They're great to have around if you want to open a giant bottle of wine or plow a field, but otherwise they are the gophers of the yokai world and as such they need to be exterminated."
—In-game description.

Mogura Twins are a type of enemy appearing in Shadow Warrior 3.


The Mogura Twins always appear in groups of two or more, and wear a drill like hat, allowing them to burrow and move underground and pop out to attack before borrowing into the ground once more. After executing a finisher, Lo Wang will rip off their drill helmet and use it as a weapon.


The Mogura Twins wear big drill helmets and a mixture of ropes around their body. They have huge three fingered talons, which they use to throw saws.


The Mogura Twins spread annoying burning cracks when they burrow underground, so try to remain in an elevated area to avoid being damaged by this annoying area denial.

The optimal strategy is to wait until Mogura twins begin to pop out from the ground, and then rapidly swap between hard hitting weapons like Crimson Bull and the Basilisk. They will begin to burrow again if they take enough damage, so one could also use a hard hitting single shot weapon and then switch to the Riot Gun and spam away until they burrow once again.

It is recommend freezing them with a frost sword attack, allowing you to kill them before they burrow under the ground again


  • Mogura means "Mole" in Japanese. This references their behavior to dig underground.