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"I am the thunder and the lightning!"
—Motoko in Shadow Warrior 3.

Motoko is the last remaining sorceress of the Kumo Brotherhood, who aids Lo Wang and Zilla in Shadow Warrior 3.


Shadow Warrior 3[]

Once Zilla and Lo Wang set out to find Motoko, she tries to teleport them to her by using Hoji's mask as a conduit. But the spell misfires, causing Zilla to be teleported to Kumo Brotherhood's gates. Soon after yokai attack the gates and Wang makes haste in order to save Zilla. After saving Zilla and accidentally destroying the gates, Motoko materializes in front of them. She's not amused by Lo Wang destroying the gates and his remarks about her hair. Realizing, that is too dangerous to leave the mask in Lo Wang's hands, she summons her spirit familiar, the Tanuki in order to separate Wang from Hoji's mask.

As Tanuki grabs the mask and runs away with it, Lo Wang chases after it. Eventually, Tanuki reaches his master's lair, Motoko's Thunderdome. Soon after, the yokai besiege the Thunderdome, forcing Motoko and Lo Wang to work alongside each other to repel the attack.

After repelling the yokai attack, the Tanuki brings Hoji's mask to Motoko. As she begins the ritual to consume the power inside the mask, Hoji's immortal soul is awakened from sleep. This scares Tanuki enough, that it hugs Motoko's leg for comfort. Meanwhile, Lo Wang upon seeing his best friend to be still alive, decides, that he won't let Hoji die again. He grabs the mask, punches Zilla and runs away. Although Tanuki tries to stop Lo Wang, he's easily pushed away by Wang.

Later, when the Doomsday Device fails to extract Evildoing Dragon's power, Motoko alongside Zilla and Tanuki, meet up with Wang. Without the mask, the team come to the conclusion, that the dragon is now unstoppable. Suddenly they're interrupted by Hoji, much to the delight of Tanuki. He shares his plan in defeating the Evildoing Dragon once and for all, alongside the fact, that Zilla and Motoko are a couple, which embarrasses the two and surprises Tanuki. Hoji tells Motoko to extract all his power into the mask, turning it into a thaumaturgic bomb. They then will deliver it to the mouth of the dragon with the help of Tanuki.

Lo Wang takes up the task to deliver Tanuki to the dragon. After traversing hostile terrain, he sets up the bomb and hides. As the dragon gets Tanuki and the mask inside his mouth, the bomb explodes prematurely. With mask now inside Evildoing Dragon's guts, Lo Wang has no other option, but to jump into dragon's maw. Inside the dragon, Lo Wang succeeds in killing it, once and for all. After defeat of the Evildoing Dragon, the crew celebrates their victory by eating sashimi.


Motoko is straightforward and deadly serious. Thus she hates immature people who make jokes, like Lo Wang. Although she comes off as cold, Motoko does has a romantic and playful side, seen when she interacts with Zilla after defeating the dragon.


Motoko wears a long red skirt, decorated with pink ribbons and oni masks. She has blue hair mixed with purple strands styled into two bangs. Her right shoulder is adorned with some fur, while the left one has purple feathers with yellow tips.