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My Hero is the second story mission in Shadow Warrior 2.


Lo Wang is tasked with saving Oyabun's daughter Kamiko from Zilla Labs.


Lo Wang travels to Zilla Research Labs, but to gain access must first obtain an access card from one of Zilla soldiers. After obtaining access card, Wang goes inside the lab in search of Kamiko. He finds Kamiko tied to a table with Kyokagami Twins inside the room and Zilla watching her through a monitor. The Twins inject Kamiko with compound 61 and she begins to hallucinate.

Wang then reveals his presence and the Twins run off to catch him while huge forces of ZillaCorps soldiers attack. Eventually, Wang reaches Kamiko and brings her to Smith. Smith decides to transfer Kamiko's soul into Wang's body until he figures how to heal her body. After picking up some gear, he meets Hideo who offers his services.


Inside Wang Cave[]




There are 2 secrets and 2 Easter Eggs in this mission:

  • From the starting point, player must head right. At the end of this way there are stairs - under it there is a hidden way to room with Statue of Fortune. There is a also a poster of a game, which publisher is Devolver Digital.
  • From a starting point, player must head front and pass the statue. After that point there will be a ladder to the left with a platform under it. Near crates there will be a fake wall with a hidden room - in this room player will find a Statue of Fortune and a poster of game Ruiner, that will be published in 2017 by Devolver Digital.


  • Name of a quest may be a reference to comedy series created by Paul Medenson and broadcasted on BBC sitcom from 2000 to 2006.
  • If you bought version of Shadow Warrior 2 with preorder DLC, instead of Warrrsaw!, Razorback will be in its place.
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