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Ninja'd Scrolls is a divided into 3 parts side mission, which can be accessed only before starting first journey to the Outer Gates.


Lo Wang is tasked by Smith Masamune to retrieve scrolls from his grandfather library in order to repair Nobitsura Kage.


1st part[]

During dialogue with Smith, Lo Wang decides to show him a Nobitsura Kage, a mighty katana which started to shrank after the events of Shadow Warrior (2013). Master Smith says, that he can use his equipment to repair this sword, however his knowledge of this specific weapon is small. Therefore, he asks Lo Wang to go to his grandfather library to retrieve scrolls. Unfortunately, library was robbed and only things left was Smith's grandfather memorial. Lo Wang returns with that information and suggests to search a person connected with graffiti painted on library walls.

2nd part[]

One of Smith student contacted him that he found something interesting about the location of scrolls, however before revealing some vital information he gone missing. Therefore Lo Wang is tasked to find and bring him home. It appears, that student was captured by people connected with Yakuza and closed in a cage. After opening the cage he contacts Hideo to bring him to Dragon Mountain and returns to talk with Master Smith.

3rd part[]

Student found few person, which might know where the scrolls are. Lo Wang reaches one of them called Saito, which after persuasion agrees to give required code to Antique collector's hideout. Discussion with that person is fruitless, so Lo Wang decides to kill him and take away those scrolls. After a tense fight he returns to Smith, which turns Nobitsura Kage into a medalion, as in his opinion, it was an only thing that could be done with sword in that condition




Part 1 - Walkthrough

Part 2 - Walkthrough

Part 3 - Walkthrough


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