"Give me a little kiss, Lo Wang."
—Old Lady when encountered by Lo Wang in the Classic.

Old Lady is a minor character appearing in Shadow Warrior Classic and it's expansion, Wanton Destruction.

History Edit

Classic Edit

During Level 7 of Shadow Warrior Classic, Lo Wang encounters Old Lady in a little restaurant. After seeing Lo Wang, Old Lady will then ask him to give a kiss to her. Wang will then respond with one of four lines:

  • "Lady, somebody beat you with ugly stick!"
  • "Maybe if I close eyes it go away!"
  • "Ooh, Lo Wang wish somewhere else now!"
  • "Lo Wang's gonna womit now..."

Besides that, there's no other available interaction with her and she doesn't appear in the game ever again.

Wanton Destruction Edit

A the start of the expansion, Old Lady can be seen outside Lo Wang's hotel room door, trying to get in. At end of Wanton Destruction, when travelling back to San Francisco, Lo Wang notices that someone has followed him to his hotel room. It's revealed that it was Old Lady, which then says the following line: "Why does thinking about sex make me wanna crap". Lo Wang in response says "Oh no!" and then the scene fades to black.

Personality Edit

Old Lady seems to have fallen in love with Lo Wang. She is obsessed with Lo Wang, even saying that she will make Lo Wang love her even if he doesn't want to.

Design Edit

Old Lady wears a green and white kimono. In Wanton Destruction, the kimono is blue. She has black, tied hair.

Gallery Edit