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"This big boy could stand to lose a little weight. He has horrible personality to go along with his hideous face and heinous aroma. And what's with those horns and those red glowy eyes? You wouldn't want to sit next to him on a six-hour plane ride."
—In-game description.

Oni Hanma is a type of enemy appearing in Shadow Warrior 3.


Oni Hanma is the new heavy enemy in Shadow Warrior 3, that replaces Warlord and Talon from previous games. He will be often seen throughout the game, usually surrounded by lower grunts.


Oni Hanma is a large, lumbering, fanged Yokai with red hair and faded face paint. It's most notable feature is its left arm, which has been augmented with a large stone hammer embedded in its forearm. This hammer can be removed and used as a Gore Tool if Oni Hanma is killed with a Finisher.


Like many enemies in Shadow Warrior 3, the Oni Hanma is rather tanky and lacks a definitive "weakness" to exploit. As such, battling several of these foes at once can be quite the handful. The best way to kill an Oni Hanma is rapidly swapping hard hitting weapons like the Basilisk and the Crimson Bull. Be aware that both of these strategies rapidly drain your ammo pouches.

When battling an Oni Hanma, a good defensive strategy is to wait until it telegraphs its shockwave tremor attack, then dash to the side to evade it.

Bear in mind that the Oni Hanma is limited to close-range attacks and the occasional shockwave tremor, so if you can use your movement effectively, he shouldn't be a problem.

I'd recommend clearing the area of other enemies before attacking him, as he is limited to close-range attacks and adversaries such as the Laser Shogun and the Seeking Shōkera will bombard you with projectiles. However, when he catches up to you, try to kill him, as he will drive you out of areas you need to be in, or into areas you shouldn't be in

The Oni Hanma is very tanky and is dangerous up-close, but if you can use speed to your advantage, he should be no threat at all.


  • Oni Hanma, means "Demon Hammer" in Japanese, which references its hammer arm attachment.