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"Flamethrower, always wanted one of these. Ooh, flamey!"
Lo Wang, after picking up flamethrower for the first time.

Onibi Flamethrower is a flamethrower in Shadow Warrior (2013) that can be found in a corridor near gas tanks in Chapter 9.


Deemed unsuitable for ethical warfare by most military authorities, the flamethrower found it's niche in corporate munitions market as a handy negotiation tool. The flamethrower can store up to 45 fuel, which can be upgrade by 30% with extended fuel tank upgrade.

Additional upgrades like inferno mix increase it's effectiveness and makes enemies start to panic when lit on fire, while fire bomb upgrade turns flamethrower into a grenade launcher. Also, there's a chance to burn yourself by flamethrower fire, which can be fixed with fire resistant perk. Onibi is best for medium-short range or closer fights.


Onibi Flamethrower is best to use to take out groups of enemies. For best use, aim down and make a line of fire, this way setting multiple enemies on fire on the same time.


Fire Bombs: Turns flamethrower into an incendiary bomb launcher.

Extended Fuel Tank: Increases fuel storage up to 30%.

Inferno Mix: Increases damage up to 25% and enemies now will start to panic after lit on fire.


  • The flamethrower is named after fire spirits from Japanese folklore, called onibi.


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