The Outer Gates is a location featured in both Shadow Warrior (2013) and Shadow Warrior 2.

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Outer Gates kept closed by Mezu's battle armour.

For centuries, the Ancients fought against forces of chaos, who wanted to destroy the Shadow Realm. Eventually, Xing and his demon army manages to temporally push the chaos forces into the void.

In order to prevent them from invading their realm ever again, his brother, Mezu created a set of gates. They then used the soul of their sister, Ameonna to seal the gates. But they still relied on the power of chaos by using Ameonna's tears to fuel their realm and their own desires. Being the creator of the gates, Enra appoints Mezu as their guardian.

Shadow Warrior (2013) Edit

Lo Wang together with Hoji travelled to the Outer Gates in order to get the information from Mezu about the whereabouts of Nobitsura Kage. During the battle, Hoji suggests Lo Wang to open the gates, thus distracting Mezu and leaving him vulnerable for an attack. This strategy proves to be incredibly effective and Wang manages to defeat Mezu and gain the information they been seeking for.

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Lo Wang's actions causes the Shadow Realm to violently collide with Earth. Although much of Shadow Realm are emerge on the Earth realm, Mezu uses his armor to close the gates and prevent the destruction of both realms. Realizing, that his armor won't hold the gates closed forever, Mezu seeks out a way to completely shut them off. Meanwhile, black substance known as Crude, begins to seep out from the gates into the wilderness, mutating any animal or man that comes in contact with it. While drugs dealers begin to cook a new drug out of the substance, known as Shade, Zilla discovers, that the substance can power their cities and technology.

Knowing that the only way to close the gates is through a sacrifice made by an Ancient, Mezu makes a contact with Mamushi Helka, the new leader of the Yakuza. Mezu offers Helka incredible power, which would solidify her position as the leader of Yakuza. In return, Mezu will conceive a child with her daughter, Kazuko. Having no other choice, Mamushi agrees and Mezu rapes Kazuko. Soon after she births Kamiko and dies. Mezu decides to wait until Kamiko will be strong enough for the sacrifice and in the meantime, looks over the Outer Gates..

Shadow Warrior 2 Edit

Noticing the increasing amount of Crude in the wildlands, Mamushi Helka tasks Lo Wang with discovering the source of the substance. This leads him to discover the location of the Outer Gates and its guardian, Mezu. He finds out that the substance is seeping out from the gates. Meanwhile, Ameonna comes up with a plan to destroy the gates, which would end all of the creation and her miserable life. After betraying Lo Wang and trying to kill Kamiko inside of him, Wang and Zilla join forces in order to stop her. Ameonna then steals and brings corrupted body of Kamiko to the gates and possesses it. As she prepares to destroy the gates, Lo Wang arrives

Lo Wang manages to subdue Ameonna, but as Mezu tries to extract her, Wang kills the body. Kamiko suggests to sealing open the gates with her living soul. Mezu rejects this as utter nonsense, believing that Earth wouldn't survive this. Although Mezu refuses to be part of this plan, Xing decides to help her. She then flies to the gates, shattering them. Out of the gates, a giant dragon emerges and then swallows Lo Wang.

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