"I'm practising my art."
—Paparazzo to Lo Wang.

Paparazzo is a character appearing in Shadow Warrior 2 during side mission Flirty Fishing.

History Edit

Deal with Xing Edit

Xing contacted Paparazzo to make sex tapes of Ameonna in order to boost her popularity. After making the tapes, Paparazzo took them for himself and started to distribute through out the Zilla City. Gozu thinking that Paparazzo only made few picture of Ameonna then tasks Lo Wang in retrieving them. After reaching Paparazzo and protecting him from few enemies there is a short dialogue between them, from which Lo Wang conducts, that this person in reality recorded a sex tape of her.

Ending Paparazzo Business Edit

Gozu watched one of those tapes and find out, that they have Xing's watermark. Therefore, he sends Lo Wang to speak with him in his TV Station. During this conversation Xing reveals, that he adviced Ameonna to record such tapes in order to gain popularity - and she agreed to do so. However, despite her early withdraw, Paparazzo recorded a tape and started to reproduce it and sell in Japan. Xing, angered by Paparazzo attitude, asks Lo Wang to give him a lesson by destroying both his van and vending machines. Wang accomplishes his mission much to Paparazzo anger.

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